Ashford House – Beaconsfield Upper

Contemporary building design encompassing rural views 

Ashford House is of contemporary building design, with both minimalistic and modest features that hide the complexities of what lies inside. Located on broad acreage, it is designed to nestle harmoniously into the hillside and not only be at one with its surroundings but also encapsulate spectacular rural views. Inspiration for the Ashford House was taken from the traditional, farm style Colorbond shed, with the maximisation of the specular views being the foremost inspiration for the design. The material palette is carefully considered, which combined with simple architectural principals, creates a harmonious relationship between a modest family home and a spectacular site.

One of the most striking features of Ashford House is the vast expanse of glass on both sides of the main living and entertaining area of the home. Spectacular rural views are visible and can be enjoyed from every angle within the space. These rural views can even be relished from the private courtyard to the south of the house and the internal alfresco in all seasons through the large windows. 

The interiors of Ashford house are bold and industrial, but simplistic enough to preserve the dominance from the external views and landscape. The palette of Ashford House accentuates various forms and texture, whilst uniting the steel, timber, concrete, tile and stone. The materials for Ashford House are all carefully considered, creating an inviting and personal experience all the while letting the spectacular views shine through. 

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