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Whale Watcher – Warrnambool

In the hands of the right designer, a carefully crafted arrangement of brick and mortar can help to elevate an already stunning outlook into a true celebration of the coast’s natural beauty. That’s how the team at Graham Jones Design approached ‘Whale Watcher’ on this breathtaking site, guided by the client’s request to curate their experience of the waters of Logans Beach – where female Southern Right whales return to calve during the winter months.

Driven by the obvious need to maximise the access and experience of the vista, Graham Jones Design started the design process by carefully considering the siting of the dwelling in terms of its height on the sloping site and how it would be oriented. As the concept progressed, the design team soon found themselves favouring an ‘H’ shaped floor plan where bedrooms and living areas could be located towards the water, and service areas away from the view. The layout proved essential to providing the clients with a protection from the elements when required, as well as a patio area flanked by the two ‘wings’ of the building to shelter from the harsh coastal winds. Crafting multiple indoor-outdoor spaces to cater to ever-changing conditions throughout the year is a clear and consistent consideration of Graham Jones Design homes – one that certainly isn’t lost on this property.

The distinctive skillion roofs – simple and effective – and clean lines of the design help to generate a sense of individuality, whilst the material palette of recycled red brick, timber, and steel cladding offers a sense of subtlety to its appearance. The clever use of the brick and timber actually speak to something far more contemporary. The front face of the home wraps seamlessly around to an all-steel rear elevation, which will prove the most durable facing the coastline and disappearing into the hill from below.

By now the proud owners of ‘Whale Watcher’ have settled into their beautiful new home and are keenly awaiting the winter months, where they can perch up in the kitchen, the sitting room or in the alfresco with a warm drink in hand, while enjoying nature’s beauty in quiet comfort.

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